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What may look like a simple piece of plastic or glass is truly much more. The design and customization of modern optical lenses allows us to enhance your vision to a new level of clarity and comfort.

The way human beings see the world has changed dramatically in recent years. Our viewing ranges have gone from distant horizons, to intermediates zones, to now primarily focusing on near-tasks.

phoenix lens

Most of us simply don’t realize the harmful effects this shift has had on our vision and our overall health. Traditional computer screens are giving way to ever-smaller displays on tablets, eReaders, notebooks and smart phones. So now when we’re texting, tweeting, surfing, blogging, emailing, or playing, we’re putting more pressure than ever on our eyes. SYNC single vision lenses by Hoya are designed to provide effortless, comfortable viewing adaptations to whatever your visually strenuous days demand.

Phoenix Lens Material not only provides a wider, clearer field of vision, it’s also engineered to be the lightest lens material on earth, yet still meets FDA impact safety regulations. With exceptional clarity, comfort and durability, Phoenix lenses by Hoya give kids the freedom to be kids, while protecting your investment in their vision.

Progressive Lenses

Hoya Vision Individualized Dual Surface Progressive is the world’s first progressive lens to balance different prescriptions for each eye. With our unique patented Binocular Harmonization Technology™ the prescription for each eye is considered an individual design component. The technology calculates the optimal binocular lens design ensuring the correction is appropriate at each point of the lens, precisely according to the needs of each eye. This is our most advanced lens. It’s an excellent premium product made possible only by extensive use of innovative cutting edge technology. During consultation, not only the prescription but also the eyeglass wearer’s lifestyle and vision preferences are taken into consideration. Then, for calculating the optimal lenses for the vision profile, several advanced tools and techniques are put at your disposal. Hoya Vision Individualized Dual Surface Progressive lenses offer unprecedented individualized design and state-of-the-art precision.